Connect with your audience OneOnOne ✨

OneOnOnes are the first and only interactive multimedia chat experiences on Instagram Direct Message and Messenger.

They’re like a choose-your-own-adventure, an old-fashioned magazine quiz, and a chit chat with friend all rolled into one.

OneOnOnes are one-of-a-kind🥇

Forget static posts or fly-by reels (those things disappear and are forgotten in seconds) OneOnOnes integrate so many things into ONE exciting experience that users come back to again and again, like:
  • 🛍 shoppable content
  • 🛎 interactive questions
  • 🔗 affiliate links
  • 🎉 CTAs
  • 📽 videos
  • 🎶 playlists
  • 🖼 images
  • 🧞‍♀️ gifs
🌈 and more

Take a peek at just few of our numbers: 👀

  • 80% Open Rate.
    Cut through the noise and ad blockers. Your brand is different. Do things differently.
  • 91% Response Rate.
    Audiences find value & entertainment in the experience, and reward you with their time & interaction.
  • 55% Click-Through-Rate.
    Our ad innovation is highly personalized & non-disruptive, earning your audience’s trust & building brand loyalty.

Don’t send a message 🥱 
Start a conversation 🥳

OneOnOnes seamlessly personalize the user experience by asking multiple choice & open-ended questions, and with a 91% engagement rate (not to brag or anything, but…💅) we get a lot of answers.

Why? Because empathy pays off, and OneOnOnes provide your audience with something no comment section or survey can: the intimacy of their own DMs and Messenger

Plus, users have the flexibility to pop in and out of the experience as much as they wish—an absolute must in the 21st century.


Huxly’s there for your audience even when you can’t be 🥰

We get it—you’re busy. After all, you’ve got a business to keep up-and-running! And that means you don’t have time to engage in long conversations with your customers to get to know them one at a time.

OneOnOnes live in your Instagram DMs or Messenger throughout the course of your campaign with us, ready to nurture an empathetic connection with your audience, and keeping them engaged and having a blast with you at any time.
And we’ll be there for you 👯
At Huxly, we want to empower *you* to keep creating more of what you’re already so good at, while *we* work to increase the effectiveness of all the things you’re already doing.

We work closely with you to get to know your brand’s needs. You tell us what you want to promote, and we design and create a multimedia storyline to connect with your audience in a way that won’t ever feel like an ad and will get them genuinely hyped about what you do.

And yes, we take care of all the tech and hosting for you, too. ;)

Wanna talk more about Huxly’s OneOnOnes and what they can do for your brand? 🎉

Us, too! Go ahead and “slide into our DMs”. We’re always excited to